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Ashbourne Neighbourhood Plan


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Ashbourne Neighbourhood Plan

The Plan has received funding from Locality, the Town Council and the Big Lottery Fund.

In 2011, the Localism Act introduced new powers for communities to create a Neighbourhood Plan, allowing local communities to shape the future development and regeneration of their communities. In 2012, Ashbourne Town Council sanctioned a steering group to work on its behalf to compile evidence and consult with the people of Ashbourne in order to understand the real challenges to the area, and to produce a plan which addresses those needs. The Ashbourne Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group has embraced this opportunity, and the entire community has worked together over the last 4 years to deliver this Neighbourhood Plan. Ashbourne has consulted widely with neighbouring Parishes and Local Councils, District Councils, residents, business owners, community groups, landowners and other stakeholders to create a plan which will protect and safeguard the character of Ashbourne as a sustainable town centre for years to come. Numerous public forums and meetings have been held, and the circulation of 8000 questionnaires, on two separate occasions, to properties in Ashbourne to complete and return, thus ensuring the community had the opportunity to help shape and inform the Neighbourhood Plan.

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